Mint Condition: The Poison-Free Way to Block Ants

  When I’m outside of my home, I like ants. I admire the way they’re designed to be unendlingly industrious from the moment they’re born, and zip along pavement with ...

Polenta Wedges with Spinach, Mushrooms and Roasted Garlic Cream

Corn is one of the most versatile food staples, so it’s no surprise that polenta—cornmeal boiled in milk or water–can be coaxed into nearly any personality you want it to ...

Polenta-Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Tomatillo Sauce

Comedian Kathleen Madigan has a few lines about Taco Bell, which came to mind while I was developing this recipe: “Taco Bell will throw things into your car for 59 cents that ...

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Simply Sumptuous: Coconut Vanilla Bean Sorbet

One of the earliest and most important lessons I learned as a ...

Mediterranean Pasta Salad: Now in Video!

Read on or skip to video here: I forget how simple ...

The Last Kernels of Summer: Smoky, Spicy Corn Salad

I don’t need a calendar to know that Autumn has manifested itself in ...

Tomatillo Sauce

Tomatillo sauce is an excellent way to balance the spicy heat of Mexican-inspired dishes. Tomatillos have a tangy quality that becomes especially fresh and cooling with a bit of cilantro and lime. If you include dairy in your diet, I highly recommend folding in some plain Greek yogurt for an even richer (but still low fat and […]

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Winter Thaw, With a Twist: Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Red Pepper and Lime

There are some flavor combinations that home cooks intrinsically know: apples and cinnamon, chilies and garlic, butter and…well, anything. But every once in a while, as I flip through my aptly-named Flavor Bible, I come across a flavor combination that at first seems too odd to actually work. (Remember goat cheese and watermelon showing up […]

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Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

This time of year, I always have a food dilemma. While I must stop myself from engaging in the pants-challenging calorie-fest that comes with holiday meals, temperatures are at their coldest and I still want something warm and comforting for my dinners. Gnocchi certainly fits the bill as a winter comfort food, but the classic […]

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Think Before You Pink: A Recipe for Honoring Those Affected by Breast Cancer

The memory of my grandmother is never very far from my immediate attention–an elegant black and white photo of her at age 16 sits in a silver frame on my bedroom shelf, several pieces of her jewelry are mixed in with my own and I look at them each time I get dressed. When I flip […]

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Poached Pears with Brown Sugar Brandy Reduction

There are two reasons why I’ve never made or even eaten a poached pear until now: I’ve never needed to and I’ve never wanted to. That changed last week when a generous neighbor found himself with a bumper-crop of pears while I found myself in need of a good Autumn blog topic. I don’t think I’ve ever lingered a moment over […]

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A Liebster Nomination!

I’m thrilled to announce that Eva Wong of Spicytones, and Supriya of Quiche and Tell, two fabulous writers and cooks with equally cool blogs, have nominated Perfect Circle Kitchen for a Liebster Award! There is little as rewarding as getting a stamp of approval from other people who love what I love and do what I do. Getting a nod from […]

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Autum Pear Salad, 3 Ways

While working through the bumper-crop of pears that are occupying my counter space,  I created this Autumn Pear Salad. It’s ended up on our dinner plates in one size or another all week at my house. Each component contributes something to the juicy sweetness of the pears: arugula and walnuts give bitterness and crunch that are […]

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This Is How We (Egg) Roll

Time for Tired Takeout to Get a Healthy Makeover (for Meat-Eaters and Vegetarians, Alike) When I think of eggrolls, among the things that come to mind are pale, oily cabbage, no real stand-out flavors, and enough grease to soak through waxed paper packaging. Don’t misunderstand–I still eat them and some nights, anything deep fried will do, but typical […]

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Cool Mediterranean Wraps, 3 Ways

Quick quiz: Are you… a. too hot to turn on the oven? b. in search of a quick and healthy meal? c. feeding some complicated combination of carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and non-dairy eaters? If you answered “Yes, ugh!” to any of those questions, look no further than this recipe. These veggie-packed wraps feature classic Mediterranean […]

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The Cure for Mushy Melons: Minty Watermelon Ice!

I consider slicing open and devouring a watermelon to be one of the quintessential late-summer experiences. Hefting the melon onto the counter, starting into it with the biggest knife in the drawer, and finding it so ripe and ready to burst that the rind almost splits itself open with just a little coaxing.  Biting into its […]

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